Snapping shrimps (Family Alpheidae)

                  You will probably hear one rather than see one on the shores. Listen out for them (sound “pock-pack”). The enlarged pincer can be as big as the rest of the shrimp. Sometimes, a goby shares the burrow with the shrimp.

                              G3 snapping shrimp

                                    G3: Snapping shrimp

                                   Scientific name: Alpheus sp.


Mantis Shrimp

       Mantis shrimps have pincers modified into fearsome weapons. They can hurt you. Don't touch them.

Family Gonodactylidae                          G4 Smasher mantis shrimp

                                                                   G4: Smasher mantis shrimp

                               Scientific name: Gonodactylus chiragra


Family Lysiosquillidae                                                            G5 Smasher mantis shrimp

                                                                               G5: Banded Mantis Shrimp

                                    Scientific name: Lysiosquillina maculate


Hermit crab

Hermit crabs, worldwide distribution, occur in sandy - or muddy-bottom of marine waters and occasionally on land. The soft abdomen is asymmetrical, usually curling to the right.

Land hermit crab              G6 Small land hermit crab

                                                                                          G6: Small land hermit crab

                                                      Scientific name: Coenobita rugosus

                     G7 Purple land hermit crab

                                                       G7: Purple land hermit crab

                                      Scientific name: Coenobita  brevimanus


Hermit crab

G8 Yellow spotted hermit crab                       

                                G8: Yellow-spotted hermit crab

                       Scientific name: Unidentified


G9 Gray hermit crab

                                 G9: Gray hermit crab

                               Scientific name: Unidentified


G10 White spotted hermit crab

                          G10: White-spotted hermit crab

                 Scientific name :Dardanus megistos

True Crab

            Crabs are eaten by people everywhere. But not all crabs are edible. Some crabs in fact, are highly poisonous and their toxins are not destroyed even by cooking. Don't eat any crabs that you caught yourself in the wild.

Family Calappidae

G11 Box crab

                                         G11: Box crab

                      Scientific name: Calappa  hepatica


G12 Six pimpled moon crab

                                G12: Six-pimpled moon crab

                               Scientific name: Asthoret  lunaris


Family Parthenopidae 

G13 Long armed spider crab

                                          G13: Long-armed spider crab

                                   Scientific name: Rhinolambrus longispinis


Family Pilumnidae

G14 Teddy bear crab

                                     G14: Teddy bear crab 

                           Scientific name: Pilumnus vespertilio


Family Portunidae

G15 Blue swimming crab

                                       G15: Blue swimming crab

                           Scientific name: Portunus  pelagicus


G16 Three spotted swimming crab

                              G16: Three-spotted swimming crab

                        Scientific name: Portunus  sanguinolentus


G17 Crenate swimming crab

                              G17: Crenate swimming crab

                          Scientific name: Thalamitacrenata


G18 Swimming crab

                                           G18: Swimming crab

                                       Scientific namem: Thalamitasp.


Family Eriphiidae

G19 Red eye crab

                                      G19: Red-eye crab

                             Scientific name: Eriphia sebana


G20 Green egg crab

                                      G20: Green egg crab 

                              Scientific name: Atergatis floridus


G21 Green egg crab

                                        G21: Spoon tipped crab

                                   Scientific name: Etisus laevimanus


Family Grapsidae

G22 Mottled sally light foot crab

                                 G22: Mottled-sally-light foot crab

                                   Scientific name: Grapsus  albolineatus



                                       G23: Grapsid crab1

                                     Scientific name: Unidentified


G24 Grapsid crab2

                         G24: Grapsid crab2

            Scientific name: Unidentified


Family Macrophthalmidae

G25 Sentinel Crab

                                       G25: Sentinel Crab

                Scientific name: Macrophthalmus sp.


Family Ocypodidae

G26 Small ghost crab

                                      G26: Small ghost crab

                             Scientific name: Ocypode  macrocera


G27 Ghost crab 1

                                       G27: Ghost crab 1

                                   Scientific name: Ocypodesp.1


G28 Ghost crab 2

                                          G28: Ghost crab 2

                                   Scientific name: Ocypodesp.2


G29 Horned eyed ghost crab

                                 G29: Horned-eyed ghost crab

                                 Scientific name: O.  ceratophthalmus


g30 Porcelain fiddler crab

                             G30: Porcelain fiddler crab

                              Scientific name: Uca  annulipes


G31 Tetragonon fiddler crab

                                     G31:Tetragonon fiddler crab

                                      Scientific name: Uca  tetragonon


G32 Orange fiddler crab

                                   G32: Orange fiddler crab

                                    Scientific name: Uca  vocans


    G33 Soldier crab

                                               G33: Soldier crab

                               Scientific name: Dotilla  myctiroides