B: Seagrass (Kingdom Plantae)

       Seagrasses are the only flowering plants adapted to grow submerged in the sea. The underground stems and roots of seagrass form a mat which stabilizes the ground, many burrowing creatures make their homes. Sea turtle and dugong feed on seagrasses.


Long-life seagrass species are big size seagrass . The  tropical eel grass is largest, with its leave 1-2 cm wide.  Turtle grass and toothed seagrass  have similar size (leave 0.5-1 cm wide). You can distinguish by shoot tip.

                               B1 ellgrass

                                                             B1: Tropical eel grass

                         Scientific name: Enhalus acoroides


 B2 Turtle grass                      B2 shoot tip

                                B2: Turtle grass 

                  Scientific name: Thalassia hemprichii


  B3 Toothed grass                       B3 shoot tip


                                      B3: Toothed grass

                   Scientific name: Cymodocea serrulata



  B4 Round tipped seagrass                          B4 Shoottip

                B4: Round-tipped seagrass

            Scientific name: Cymodocea rotundata


   B5 Toothed grass                             B5 Shoottip

                         B5: Fiber-strand grass

                      Scientific name: Halodule uninervis


    B6 Needle grass                                          B6


                         B6: Needle grass

               Scientific name: Halodule pinifolia

B7 Spoon leaves seagrass                                B7


                                  B7: Spoon-leaves seagrass

             Scientific name: Halophila ovalis