E: Flatworms (Phylum Platyhelminthes) and  

      Ribbon worms  (Phylum Nemertea)

They are unsegmented worms. There is a single opening on the underside through which both food comes in and waste goes out. They are carnivores that prey on tiny animals or feed on immobile animals such as molluscs. Some are scavengers, feeding on dead animals. They move by using cilia and muscle action over a layer of mucus. Being flat, they slip easily on wet surfaces.


      They are fragile and tear easily. Don't touch. They are fearsome predators and hunt and eat other animals. Being really flat has some advantages. Flatworms can glide though small hole of rock crevice 


                       E1:  Flatworm 1

Scientific name: Unidentified


                        E2:  Flatworm 2

Scientific name:Unidentified


                   E3:  Flatworm 3

Scientific name:Unidentified