F:Fan worms and Tubeworms (Phylum Annelida)

Fan worms (Family Sabellidae)

          Fan worms are efficient filter feeders that play an important role in a properly balanced reef system. Due to their feathery appendages, these worms are also known as Feather Duster Worms. These "feathers" are used to actively filter out tiny organic particulate matter from the water column. By feeding on these organic particles, they help maintain good water quality.


                                 Its fan retracts during low tide.



                            F1: Orange fan worm

Scientific name: Unidentified



                                      F2: Banded fan worm

Scientific name:Unidentified


Tubeworms(Family Onuphidae)

        This tiny tubeworm has eyes, tentacles, and feathery appendages on the sides that act as gills.Tubes of tiny worms may look like roots, don't step on them.  Some can bite or sting. Don't touch. They live deep in the sand, don't dig them out.


re Copy

re2 Copy


                                   F3: Tubeworm

Scientific name: Unidentified