At least 230 species of fishes are presently recorded in seagrass beds along the west coast of Thailand. During low tide, some fish are still in tidal pool or concealed inside crevices and alcoves of the rock or massive coral.

J5 Black spot Moray eel

                                                                J5: Black spot Morayeel 

                                   Scientific name:Cymnothorax  tessellate


J6 Green shouldered goby

                                         J6: Green-shouldered goby

                              Scientific name: Acantrogobius caninus


J7 Mud skipper

                                        J7: Mud skipper

                 Scientific name: Periophthalmus chrysospilos


J8 Eel catfishes

                                              J8: Eel catfishs

                                 Scientific name: Plotosus lineatus


J9 Lion fish

                                               J9: Lion fish

                                         Scientific name: Pterois sp.


J10 Longhorn boxfish

                                       J10: Longhorn boxfish

                               Scientific name: Lactoria  cornuta


J11 Longhorn boxfish

                                           J11: Sting ray

                                    Scientific name: Himantura sp.